Dream Weaver

self portrait of the dream weaver at Heritage Weaving
Heritage Weaver-Dawn Davis Lim

two loves painting and weaving

Since moving up to the country in Moonambel, Victoria, I have been an established visual artist in painting and drawing. I received an invitation to attend university to gain a Bachelor of Arts in painting at the same time I began spinning and weaving 30 years ago.

Having to choose, I gave up spinning and weaving but I was always sorry. Then I had the opportunity a year and a half ago to start again. I am at the beginning of my career but I have had the desire to make clothing from the fabrics I made right from the start. And I love to Help others to find joy in the craft if they desire.

I discovered my ancestors were silk weavers in Scotland and France, hence I called my business Heritage Weaving. Therefore, I feel the art of weaving flows in my veins.

Since I was young, I have always wanted to design and make clothes. I have consequently, made a Kimono-style jacket and a purple coat out of hand spun and hand woven cloth today. The purple Alpaca coat was sold as soon as I received it back from a textile exhibition in St Arnaud.

purple alpaca woven coat
purple Alpaca coat
kimono-style jacket design
Kimono-style jacket
hand woven alpaca shawl
Alpaca shawl

A viable business

I have sold several scarves and shawls this year and from this I concluded, it has started to be a viable business to embark on. I am very excited and my husband has started this website for me. It has started to be a big job, but we have managed to secure a grant, Digital Launchpad for small businesses to receive help for going digital. It has been an eye opener for him even though he has done a digital marketing course a few years ago.

green scarf
green Alpaca scarf
purple alpaca scarf
Alpaca scarf
rigid heddle woven fabric weaving
rigid heddle woven fabric(shawl)
Come visit my studio gallery

Currently, I invite people to visit my open studio in Avoca. I have been posting by using my active business Facebook page and Google Maps. I am also part of the Pyrenees Farm Gate Trail which started in Beaufort and covers the Pyrenees Wine Region of Victoria. Therefore, there are lots to see and do, when you come and visit.

Please book a time and day to visit my studio gallery, Heritage Weaving and Visual Arts, and come to see what I am up to these days.

You can see how I work with the fibres of sheep’s wool and Alpaca Fleece. Especially how to prepare for spinning into a working yarn. You will be delighted to try your hands at spinning the wool, prepare and spin the fibres.

Please ring my mobile 0400015279 to schedule a time to visit us at

32 Rutherford Street, Avoca VIC 3467

farm gate trail= demo of weaving by dream weaver of Heritage Weaving

My Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dllimart

Heritage Weaving and Visual Arts

32 Rutherford Street, Avoca, VIC 3467

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