ANZAC weekend at Heritage Weaving

News of Heritage Weaving and Tiny Towns Art Trails

We had a wonderful weekend during the Tiny Towns Arts Trail. Lots of visitors and great comments on Dawn’s work.

Heritage Weaving provides you with hand-spun and hand-woven fabric made from natural fibres produced one time only. Combining classic weaving techniques with natural dyes to make one-of-a-kind pieces that are both sustainable and stylish. We call it Slow Fashion and you get to wear our Art creations. You can have a look at and buy the lovely and soft scarves, shawls, and ponchos we have in the store. Visit our studio to see for yourself how we wove these items on the rigid heddle looms and 8 shaft floor looms.


Recycled and dyed fabric

Another project, Dawn had a pre-loved jumper that had moth holes. So, she stripped it all, and dyed half of it. It came out a beautiful a rustic orange colour. And decided to make her first poncho. (see the first photos)

recycled fabric
series on the new pancho

This was the Anzac Day long weekend and Heritage Weaving was busy with Dawn preparing a few hand-woven fabrics. Dawn had a lot of visitors at her studio. Dawn made some of the new hand-woven fabrics into ponchos. They were very popular both on Facebook and our visitors.

bone coloured poncho
poncho sold

woven art yarn extra long
art yarn 2nd

weaving on the 8 shaft floor loom
deciding on the pattern
designing a jacket

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