Bendigo Wool Show 2022 lots to see and buy

Headed for the Bendigo Wool Show

Bendigo Wool Show 2022 better known as the Australian Sheep and Wool Show, so, here we come to see and buy. We saw some lovely yarns, knits and some fabulous textiles designs there. Dawn managed to catch a sight of the catwalk for the WoolCraft Fashion Show, it was great! However, we were tired out, walking around the various stalls. This gallery of pictures taken at the Bendigo Wool Show 2022 was a tiny sample of beautiful and diverse ranged of textile fabrics we saw.

It was the biggest of its kind in Australia and boasts a lot of stalls of all sorts of sheep and wool products for show and sale, the best of the best. Therefore, The show attracts the best sheep breeders, shearers and wool handlers in the country. They all congregate and compete in Bendigo since the pioneer days of 1877.

Buying yarns for weaving

We chose to see and buy wool and yarns when we visited this year. We saw wool yarn suppliers and designers. Therefore, Dawn bought about 3 kg of soft merino yarns in two cones for her weaving projects. She hopes to design some beautiful hand woven fabrics on her looms. We were inspired by the excellence of the wool craft at the show. A very high level of expertise was in the making of the textiles and the competition set a level of craftsmanship, not usually seen.

As a fibre artist, it is good to know the level of wool craft set by this show. Therefore, Dawn hopes to enter competitions in the future. She has purchased some great yarns for the warp and wefts of the weaving.

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