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  • Slow Fashion

    It is for people who love art and wearing it. Slow fashion is hand weaving on the floor loom with natural fibres to make clothing. This is usually a floor loom, but could also be a table loom or a frame loom. The process involves threading the warp through the loom and then the weft […]

  • The Art of weaving fabric:

    The Art of weaving fabric:

    traditional weaving has become slow fashion today, we are proud to have Dawn’s weave worn at this event of our top women executive in Ballarat

  • The Mackay tartan is commissioned.

    The commissioned Mackay tartan weaving project has been completed. It is ready to be made into a vest by my dress designer in Brisbane. Happy to announce the new project requested has been sent. This video showed it been cut. ‘A tartan is a design which is capable of being woven consisting of two or […]

  • My 3rd Coat – hand weaving on floor loom

    Hand weaving a coat with floor loom As I hand weaved the fabric on my floor loom, I had this coat in mind. When I chose the wool from the stash that was given to me, I had this particular coat in mind to hand weave on my floor loom, and I was able to […]

  • our partnership with tinyhousevacation

    We are offering an art retreat with our weaving workshop We have partnered with tinyhousevacation to offer an art retreat with Heritage Weaving. And we have received our signage from Pyrenees Shire. Heritage Weaving is at 32 Rutherford Street Avoca 3467. The cabin is on the adjacent block next to our studio/gallery, and away from […]

  • Featuring icy green tones, this handwoven woolen coat is absolutely stunning!

    Dawn is proud of this handwoven coat as it is the second one she has made. This gorgeous handwoven woolen coat is icy green in color for the spring season. Time to keep warm in style! Dawn has just completed this coat on Saturday. Handwoven and designed, It is an original pattern.  Second in a […]

  • Cutting Off The Handwoven Fabric

    It was thrilling Dawn was delighted yesterday, when cutting the handwoven fabric she has made. Before cutting, she washed it straight away in the washing machine. She was hoping and praying it wouldn’t felt with too much agitation and hot water. However, to her amazement it came out really well and it dried in an […]

  • Good weaving bench a day keeps the doctor at bay

    It is important to have a good bench for the loom It is important to have a good weaving bench for the loom. Weaving Ergonomics gives a great activity for strengthening back, shoulder, and thigh muscles. Since Dawn began weaving this year, she has been complaining of back and shoulder pains. As a result, she […]

  • This beautiful handwoven alpaca coat sold immediately once back from the exhibition.

    Today, I sold my purple handwoven alpaca coat “My purple handwoven alpaca coat home sold s soon as I brought it home from an exhibition”. Luki Prang, a young lady from Melbourne, purchased two of Dawn’s coats today. St Arnaud Arts Hub, displayed the handwoven purple alpaca coat for two months at a textile exhibition. […]

  • New hand knitted cotton vest this week

    Just finished, hand knitted sleeveless cotton vest Hand knitted cotton vest, sleeveless size 12, rusty red, European pattern with a contemporary look. We have made an info-graphic so that it is easier to take in all the information. Do you like it? So, the pattern is delightful for the modern look and I really enjoyed […]