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Please contact us, Come and meet Dawn. See how she works with the fibres of sheep wool and Alpaca Fleece. The whole process of preparing and making the hand woven fibres into garments is a therapeutic and satisfying process, it is a slow fashion. The finished products will delight you.

In addition, from my workshops for beginners, you can try to prepare the wool for spinning into a working yarn. The workshops are self paced, you can begin by trying your hand at spinning the wool. As a result of what she can teach you, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to make your own garments. Above all, with her tutoring you can achieve your desire to make and design garments.

Please contact us to buy or order a garment, or better still, learn how to make them by coming for lessons or workshops at the store in the beautiful township of Avoca in the Pyrenees Wine Region of Victoria, Australia. It is less than two hours drive from Melbourne. Tiny house accommodation available.

weaving by dream weaver of Heritage Weaving contact us page
Dawn at work

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