Cutting Off The Handwoven Fabric

It was thrilling

cutting the handwoven fabric

Dawn was delighted yesterday, when cutting the handwoven fabric she has made.

Before cutting, she washed it straight away in the washing machine. She was hoping and praying it wouldn’t felt with too much agitation and hot water. However, to her amazement it came out really well and it dried in an hour or two.

Her new coat will be icy green. Today she began designing it. As far as the sewing process is concerned, she has cut all the sections and over locked the edges to prevent fraying.

over locking the cut fabric
over locking the cut cloth

Holding her breath

It is a delicate operation. You want to make sure you don’t make any mistakes, cutting it since it is all the cloth you have.

There are so many things that could go wrong. One mistake could be a slip of the scissors, or secondly, cutting too close to the edge and the fabric will fray too badly. She used to stitch a straight stitch all around the cutting edge before cutting, but today she drew the pattern and cut, giving two centimeters margin, and over locked without stitching first.

Creating the fabric with a light pattern. Most importantly, the section needs to be matched up properly and the grain needs to be matched up as well.

cutting the sections of the dress and over locking the woven fabric
sections cut and over locked

After cutting and finishing the over locking, Dawn decided to lay the parts together to get an idea of how the pattern lay.

The coat is size 14-16, medium.

Not long now

Dawn expects to finish the coat tomorrow. She has already started to sew the parts together and thinks it is looking good. Above all, it has a very different waistline and it is very unusual. She loved weaving this fabric. Used to making things now, from weaving her own fabrics, consequently, the cutting was easier. There was just enough fabric even though it was 4.2 meters long and 92 centimeters wide. In conclusion, this project was an enjoyable weaving one on the floor loom. Also, delighted to complete this project. She was very happy to see the result of her hard work.

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