New Hand Woven Fabric-Feel Special

Unique Woven Fabric

dawn's hand woven fabric
Dawn is hand weaving the fabric

Hand woven fabric is unique and has a special feel. Dawn is weaving five metres of ice green and white woollen cloth which will take a few weeks to weave. Therefore, it is a slooow fashion. (for her earlier projects go to here)


The floor loom aquisition

From this project, she hopes to make  a great coat for that someone special. So, place your order before it is too late. The floor loom is wide enough to make sizes of garments for the fullest figure. It has been a problem for Dawn because her two smaller rigid heddle looms could only cater for the smaller sizes. Now, she is right to make the larger garments which are  more usual.

green and white hand woven woollen fabric
The green and white hand woven woollen fabric

The hand woven fabric is so soft and fine. It has a nice pattern made from this floor loom that she acquired from a nice lady in Melbourne two weeks before. The other hand woven fabrics were made on a rigid heddle loom (see here.) Dawn has made a lot of headway for this weaving project. Come and see it for yourself.

green and white hand woven woollen fabric at an angle
The green and white hand woven woollen fabric from an angle

The project is an exciting one for the woven material and to feel its softness is something else. The highlight of today was that a professional photographer came to her studio. He remarked how nice the feel of the material was. The photos taken will be showcased in a booklet for visiting the Pyrenees Shire’s tourist attractions. Dawn’s workshop will be a feature of the booklet, and other publication highlighting the district of Avoca, Victoria. This wine district is part of the Pyrenees Wine Region and has the famous wine growers of The Blue Pyrenees Wines, Taltarni and Summerfield wines. All less than two hours drive from Melbourne. This district is an undiscovered gem of the Garden State of Victoria as early explorers’ of the region coined it. The photographs will also be listed in the Shire’s website and Facebook page,




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