Good weaving bench a day keeps the doctor at bay

It is important to have a good bench for the loom

It is important to have a good weaving bench for the loom. Weaving Ergonomics gives a great activity for strengthening back, shoulder, and thigh muscles.

Since Dawn began weaving this year, she has been complaining of back and shoulder pains. As a result, she now takes “neurofen” and wears a back brace until this afternoon.

This afternoon, her very expensive loom bench came. After weaving, she wasn’t experiencing any back or shoulder pain.

A good weaving bench for the loom came this afternoon
the weaving bench
Dawn sitting at her bench
Dawn sitting on her new bench

Weaving ergonomics has been a hot topic e.g. see here

the bench fitted well with the floor loom too
the bench fits with the floor loom too

The most important thing is to maintain a straight back while weaving in order to avoid back and shoulder pain. When you weave, you must sit at a height that allows your back to remain straight. In the case of a floor loom, if the bench is too low, the treadle becomes difficult to use, and it is also more difficult to throw the shuttle.

sitting on the weaving bench with the floor loom
Dawn weaving

After suffering so much back and shoulder pain for so long, Dawn was thrilled to receive the bench. Since finding a good support bench was so difficult, we were very happy to find this one. It was a pleasure watching Dawn weave so quickly this afternoon. Weaving has become so easy and enjoyable for Dawn now that she enjoys it so much.

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