Showcasing Hand Woven Designed Top

Weaving is like painting

This hand woven designed top was in my imagination while it was still yarn on my rigid heddle loom. I had the same feeling as when I am painting with the technique of mark making as I designed the weave whilst being woven. The garment turned out just as I’d imagined. This yarn is a Marino blend of wool and is for sale. (Fit size 10-12) Contact me or buy it on Etsy

black and grey woven top
First designer weave

A close friend of mine who saw it wanted this hand woven design top in a larger size. I had just bought a larger counter balance floor loom. from a sweet lady in Melbourne, so I could fulfil her request. She chose the yarn from the stash in my cupboards, which are full of assorted cones of wool in all sorts of colours. I remembered what I had done previously for the first hand woven designed top or garment. Continuing to weave in the same way by adding or subtracting the yarns, this time I measured the lengths of the cloth as I wove. I decided to add the white edges where it needed to be cut because it is pretty frightening to cut into your hand woven cloth. You might make a big mistake! So far so good!!

washed and drying woven fabric
Washed and Drying fabric

The bigger heavier weave was a little challenging to sew, but well worth it. I have just bought a heavy duty Singer machine. I decided to turn the pattern around from horizontal to vertical which I thought was a good idea. Two male visitors to my studio saw it today, They marvelled at it, saying that how wonderful and warm it would be. I could tell they would have liked it for themselves. A friend of mine has ordered this maroon and orange top. I can repeat the process in the future.

maroon and orange hand woven top
Completed Garment
the grey and maroon and orange tops side by side
The two garments together
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