Now Available Hand Woven Textile Workshops

Come learn how to spin and weave in the hand woven fabric workshops

Hand woven textile workshops are trending in Australia. Dawn, a fibre artist gives the beginners’ workshops at her studio/gallery in Avoca Victoria.

These hand woven textile workshops are very popular for young and old. Firstly, the introduction to the learners, the basic techniques of washing and cleaning the sheep’s or Alpaca wool. In addition, they teach the beginners how to sort, card the wool by hand or through a drum carder. Next, Dawn teaches how to spin the wool. Further lessons may include weaving methods and designing the hand woven garments.

Miriam learning about the techniques of hand woven textiles
Learning how to weave
Dawn showing Miriam how to weave by hand on the Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom
Doing a great job, Dawn with Miriam

Miriam and Dawn had some fun times, learning about warp and weft, and enjoying the introduction to hand woven textiles using the techniques on the Ashford Rigid Heddle loom in this popular workshop. Dawn takes Miriam through the workshop on an easy pace.

Miriam has come all the way from Carrum Downs near Melbourne, stayed at the Avoca Caravan Park, to visit Dawn’s weaving workshops. She said that the workshops were very good and that Dawn was a very good teacher. Miriam has learnt a lot and will be confidant to take on a small scarf as a beginner. She concluded that the trip to Avoca was certainly a rewarding trip and to get away to the beautiful countryside, a real break from the hustle and bustle of the Big Smoke! She took her husband with her who was interested in gold prospecting in the surrounding districts.

Please contact Dawn by ringing 0400015279 to book a bookshop for $30 per hour, a bargain price. Places are limited and it is best to ring ahead first before coming to Avoca.

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