This beautiful handwoven alpaca coat sold immediately once back from the exhibition.

Today, I sold my purple handwoven alpaca coat

“My purple handwoven alpaca coat home sold s soon as I brought it home from an exhibition”. Luki Prang, a young lady from Melbourne, purchased two of Dawn’s coats today. St Arnaud Arts Hub, displayed the handwoven purple alpaca coat for two months at a textile exhibition. Then, at Dawn’s own visual art exhibition for another two. “I was waiting so long for it to come home.”

Slow Fashion

It took two weeks to hand spin the wool and another two weeks to weave 6 meters with the purple Alpaca commercial warp. Another month was spent drawing up the original pattern in Brisbane. This is indeed slow fashion.

Loom was too narrow for the larger sizes

On the hounds-tooth jacket, Luki wanted pockets. Luckily, Dawn had just enough fabric left for them. She had woven the arty jacket on the 60 cm Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom. The 60 cm loom was too narrow to produce anything more than a size 10 or 12, so Dawn ended up buying an 80 cm loom instead. Then, a nice lady offered her the 4 shaft floor loom, now she can make up to 127 cm in width for the larger sizes. It has been a struggle getting the right size loom.

arty hounds-tooth hand woven cotton jacket
arty hounds-tooth cotton jacket

Now, with the 4 shaft floor loom, things are looking up. Dawn had just had a request for a large size jacket in the purple style of the alpaca coat. So, if you are looking for a large size jacket, she can now make it. She will be very busy!

It has been good fortune to be able to get the right sized loom and all in all, miracles do happen!

Contact us here for any request you might have.

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