Hounds tooth hand weaving project was a success

Another hand woven project using the hounds tooth weaving pattern

My first weave in hounds tooth weaving was about 3 and a half metres in length. I eagerly awaited its return from an exhibition it was in at St Arnauld arts centre, if not sold, I dreamt of what I would make with it. Found it was too much for a skirt but I measured. Therefore, I decided it would make a great pair of calf length pants because they are woven in cotton. When I got it home, I realised that the openness of the weave would not be good for the seat of the pants. Hmmm, I thought, I would love it in a jacket.

Video of the Hounds tooth weaving coming off the loom: all mistakes unpicked https://fb.watch/ejCm2TR8mJ/

When you are short of material

So, getting my pattern out, I proceeded to prepare for the Jacket. Upon checking, I found that there was only enough for 1 and a half sleeve. Oh well, I thought I’ll weave another sleeve, no matter. However, I got the shock of my life when I finished the new weave. It was different than the first. It was a better weave actually. I finished making the Jacket with the new sleeve. My heart sunk, what a waste. I showed it to my weaving buddy, and she asked, “have you got any material left over.”

She saved the day. She suggested adding cuffs from each of the materials. I had the onerous job of working out How. But I managed and here is the result, an arty Jacket, with a great lesson learnt, make sure I weave enough for each project.

I’m really a size or two too big its made for a petite size 8 or 10. Woven on my 60cm Rigid Heddle loom. Now I have wider looms for making those extra needed widths for the rest of us.

If you are interested to learn about houndstooth weaving or to buy the jacket. Contact me. You can visit us and book a day and time here

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