Featuring icy green tones, this handwoven woolen coat is absolutely stunning!

Dawn is proud of this handwoven coat as it is the second one she has made.

This gorgeous handwoven woolen coat is icy green in color for the spring season. Time to keep warm in style! Dawn has just completed this coat on Saturday. Handwoven and designed, It is an original pattern.  Second in a series of coats that Dawn had handmade. This one was woven on a 4 shaft floor loom. Most of her friends on Facebook have commented on how beautiful it is. Heritage Weaving – Fibre and Visual arts. It is so warm and luxurious. Icy green in colour and suitable for a size 10 to 14.

Introducing the Beautiful Handwoven Woolen Icy Green Coat!
Introducing the Beautiful Handwoven Woolen Icy Green Coat!

The woolen handwoven fabric was cut and sewn into this warm and stylish coat. This is the coat you’ll be reaching for all winter! Our woolen coat is handwoven with love and care, and will keep you warm and comfy in this colder weather.

Time to keep warm in style! This beautiful handwoven woolen coat is perfect for the spring season too. Featuring icy green tones, the coat is absolutely stunning! It has a lot of reviews already on Facebook, here.

handwoven coat
another view of the coat
coat another view


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