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Heritage Weaving, owned by Dawn Davis-Lim, was established in 2022. Heritage Weaving,  specialises in natural fibres and hand woven fabrics, in Australia.  You may visit her studio  and see for yourself why so many people love her work!

Dawn is dedicated to preserving and carrying forward the traditional weaving techniques used by her ancestors. Using floor looms, spinning wheels, and other tools, she can create contemporary clothing with an ancient touch. She intends to show the world the beauty of these time-honoured practices and extend them as part of her cultural legacy. 

Heritage Weaving takes pride in preserving traditional weaving and yarn making  practices by making them more widely available. Dawn offers a selection of workshops,  and related events  – from beginner  to intermediate classes. see workshops page here. Heritage Weaving is involved in the Rare Trades Center’s initiative of passing down weaving skills to future generations held  at the Gold Museum in Ballarat. As a  Workshop facilitator Dawn is currently booked to  teach an event on spinning  –

For more information, please check out our website or their Facebook page linked below:

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Dawn is also at the Tiny Towns Arts Trail

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tiny arts arts trails 2023

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