“Sew What” Highlight-Miriam’s visit

Showed Miriam, sewing machine museum “Sew What”

“Sew What” Museum, Wayne and Judi McKail’s sewing machine museum in Maryborough. We took Miriam and Paul for a visit to see them on the second day of their visit to our studio/gallery. Read about it here. The McKails’ have a special Facebook page about the sewing machines and their other love of a self-sustained and preparedness lifestyle. In their house museum, they have over 800 sewing machines and most of them are in working order. They do not accept any donations of machines anymore, but will repair them for you and their business is a hobby only. However, they are always looking at interesting machines to acquire and other interesting things for their collection. Be pleasantly surprised!

Wayne and Judi are incredible!

Wayne and Judi are such awesome guys in the neighboring town of Maryborough. They are so knowledgeable and have done their research very well. Most definitely worth the visit to hear them and see their world class collection. Therefore, the visit was of particular interest to Miriam because she had a job in sewing machine sales. Miriam and Wayne got on like a house on fire and they were reminiscing of the machines in Wayne’s collection.

They never cease to amaze us, whenever we visit them, they have a different story to tell. We were all delighted in their hospitality, not only on the talks of the history and significance of the machines, but about their other in interests in preserving food, their veggie garden, their chooks, their bees and their garden installations. What an entertaining pair, such friendliness and intriguing conversations. They never cease to amaze! Check out their Facebook pages.

Sew What Maryborough
Wayne and Judi’s “Sew What” museum
Wayne showing Miriam a very old sewing machine
Wayne showing Miriam one of his sewing machine collection

Miriam looking at "Sew What" collection
Miriam looking at the collection

Miriam looking at a stitch
Miriam looking at a stitch at the museum

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