How-To Prepare Wool in easy workshops

The art of hand spun wool

How-to prepare wool in step-by-step easy workshops with accomplished Fibre artist, Dawn. Dawn will work with you to help you understand the process required to prepare the wool in easy at your own pace workshops. The process consists of many parts. Therefore, she offers workshops concentrating on the important steps for the beginner at their own relaxed no pressure pace.

Dawn likes to work with people of many cultures and with all ages including with children and has working with children cards. She has done a few workshops with teenagers and school children in Avoca and can travel to Ballarat. She has a couple of workshops with migrants scheduled for August of this year.

Her studio/gallery in Avoca is a very popular and good spot for private tuition or group events. It is just a paddock away from the busy Mildura Highway, therefore. quiet and secluded adjacent to the forest.

So, Dawn’s studio/gallery workshops may consist of the following:

Dawn at the last stage of preparing the wool-plying in easy workshops at your own pace
Plying the hand spun wool
  1. Washing the dirty raw wool,
  2. Cleaning the wool,
  3. Carding on a drum carder,
  4. Spinning and plying the wool on a spinning wheel and
  5. Weaving the wool and synthetic yarns.

How-to prepare Alpaca wool in video

Here is an overview video of the washing and drum carding of the alpaca wool, the starting phrase of the process. The ending part is the plying of the wool after spinning on the wheel, so that the wool yarns are ready for knitting or weaving in cloths.

Another video of the view of the whole process, starting with the preparing of the wool for spinning on a spinning wheel.

Please come and take an easy workshop to prepare the wool with Dawn. Try your hand at spinning wool. contact us to book.

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