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  • The ancient Art of Weaving becoming popular

    Heritage Weaving: An Ever Growing Trend In Social Media  Heritage weaving is rapidly becoming one of the most popular trends across social media networks. Starting with the story in Thread Collective, a popular Australian weaving and fibre shop, this unique art form has started to take the internet by storm. From platforms such as Facebook […]

  • Slow Fashion

    It is for people who love art and wearing it. Slow fashion is hand weaving on the floor loom with natural fibres to make clothing. This is usually a floor loom, but could also be a table loom or a frame loom. The process involves threading the warp through the loom and then the weft […]

  • Now Available Hand Woven Textile Workshops

    Come learn how to spin and weave in the hand woven fabric workshops Hand woven textile workshops are trending in Australia. Dawn, a fibre artist gives the beginners’ workshops at her studio/gallery in Avoca Victoria. These hand woven textile workshops are very popular for young and old. Firstly, the introduction to the learners, the basic […]

  • How-To Prepare Wool in easy workshops

    The art of hand spun wool How-to prepare wool in step-by-step easy workshops with accomplished Fibre artist, Dawn. Dawn will work with you to help you understand the process required to prepare the wool in easy at your own pace workshops. The process consists of many parts. Therefore, she offers workshops concentrating on the important […]