The ancient Art of Weaving becoming popular

Heritage Weaving: An Ever Growing Trend In Social Media

 Heritage weaving is rapidly becoming one of the most popular trends across social media networks. Starting with the story in Thread Collective, a popular Australian weaving and fibre shop, this unique art form has started to take the internet by storm. From platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, to YouTube, heritage weaving has been making a big splash in the online world.

article in Thread Collective about weaving

Heritage weaving involves the traditional methods of weaving, which has been in existence for centuries. It is much different from modern methods as the weaver uses traditional materials and instruments for weaving. Their task is to create a product that fits in with an ancient textiles tradition from their locality or country. This type of weaving is often seen as a way of keeping the traditions alive and informing future generations about the long history of cultural practices in weaving.

The attention that this artisanal form of weaving has gained through social media has been growing every day. Various influencers, celebrities and brands alike have been appreciating the traditional method which allows weavers to create beautiful yet sustainable pieces of art. This type of unconventional art form- Slow Fashion allows weavers to create unique pieces that are worthy of sharing to the world. 

story in Maryborough Getaway magazine

In the upcoming days, Rare Trades Centre workshops are planned to ensure the growth of this unique art form and help make it more accessible to most of the population who may not know of its existence. The goal of these workshops is to provide participants with more information on this specialized craft, aiming to educate individuals on how to create something beautiful as well as sustainable. Starting with introduction to spinning workshops.

Rare Arts workshops

The response to these types of workshops have been overwhelmingly positive as individuals have been sharing their own versions of spinning online. With its rise in popularity, heritage weaving is becoming a trend from which a lot of people can benefit from. Not only does it help make traditional art forms accessible to the general public, it also helps shine a spotlight on the unique art of weaving. 

weaving on the 8 shaft floor loom from Ashford

Apart from being an interesting form of art, heritage weaving is also sustainable, as components of the weave are used in more than one item, cutting down on production costs as well as wastage. This makes it the perfect choice for sustainable fashion lovers, who love creating art and wearing them.

weaving on the 8 shaft floor loom from Ashford

To see the vast variety of the lost arts please go to the page of the Lost Trades Fair in Bendigo which was founded by Glen and Lisa Rundell. The Lost Trades Fair has been popular in the 3 eastern states of Australia over the last 10 years.

Lost Trades Fair in Bendigo 2024 advert

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